david guy (stuff i've done or helped with at least)

my spaceship has crashed on a distant moon and everything is silent even my footfalls in the snow (2013)

a game

mcluebeard - lackbeard - bloodbeard (2013)

an autobiographical novel

a book a day for a month (2012)

a month spent writing scripts for children's books that will never ever be made

toby vok's they came for our music (2012)

a concept album and graphic novel exploring toby's abduction by aliens in 2008

toby vok (2011 onwards)

the further adventures of toby

spiders are wonderful (2011)

a children's book

Comment Macht Frei (2010)

short-lived mild satire

Essex Terror! (2009 onwards)

an online horror magazine

the saddest bear of all (2009)

a children's book about a young girl's friendship with a morose bear. a collaboration with minkee

stickmans (2007-2009)

a compendium of hand drawn comics

throttling (2007-2010)

an archive of comic book throttles

toby vok and the eggs (2006-2007)

a fansite for long-lost 90s band toby vok and the eggs

the random pokey the penguin cartoon generator (2006)

a random cartoon generator, using panels from the pokey the penguin cartoon strip

goaste (2005-2009)

jokes and cartoons and other things

the n3ta gamers quiz (2004)

a series of internet quizzes. a collaboration with david homfray

the digitiser cartoon strip generator (2004)

a cartoon strip generator based around characters from the digitiser teletext pages

(to contact me please email dngdng@gmail.com)

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